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Real-World Interaction via marker tracking with Vuforia for the Microsoft HoloLens2023-01-10T09:11:10+00:00

Real-World Interaction via marker tracking with Vuforia for the Microsoft HoloLens Training

Introduction to Augmented Reality development with Vuforia at Microsoft HoloLens

This course provides students with an introduction to Vuforia Augmented Reality applications based on live video feed marker tracking. The positioning of 3D content via customizable marker images merges the scene content in a seemless way with the video picture and allows for astonishing augmentation of reality with virtual objects. The course elaborates on detailed ways to setup the tracking mechanism itself as well as specific prefab and scene setup for adding interaction to the placed objects. As a versatile, but simple to use technique for AR production, this allows new developers to jump right into this topic with a shallow learning curve.

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Course Content

Unity Vuforia integration explained:

  • As a target platform for Unity, Vuforia provides complex 2D and 3D marker tracking within an arbitrary video feed. This is based on the search for specific images and silhouettes within a video picture. We discuss the basic requirements for this and configure our Unity scene for initial deployment.

AssetStore involvement

  • To gain access to the core samples of the Vuforia SDK, Unity provides specific AssetStore packages for integration into a newly setup project. We will explore the available material and integrate the basic SDK system into our Unity project.

Pre-requisites for a good tracking experience

  • Video is a tricky medium to work with in realtime 3D and needs a certain understanding of problematic scenarios arising in the process of image recognition. Lighting behaviour and feature recognition in the markers play a big part in successfully tracking any target live image. What constitutes a good marker and what to avoid is valuable knowledge to any AR production with Vuforia. We will show good marker properties based on example and show the different effects when tracking turns out to be problematic.

Cameras and scene properties

  • To allow for a correct display of content, the viewing camera has to be configured to work with the Vuforia video feed. We will show how to set this up and work with the correct components for scene display.

Image Target and prefabs

  • Image targets are the main tracking entities for positioning scene content. Depending on markers and the target geometry to display, it allows us to position a prefab geometry on top of the tracked marker features. Creating specific prefabs for display is a key element for making the displayed content accessable for the desired animations. Hierarchy grouping and coordinate systems provide us with the freedom to manipulate the prefabs inherent content in a later stage.

Cylinder Targets and Multi Targets

  • Flat image targets are not the only trackable content in Vuforia. Mildly distorted images on cylindrical objects can be tracked via Cylinder targets and combined tracking markers made up from more than one image are possible as well. We will look at these features in detail and provide examples for real-world scenarios.

Object recognition

  • A very useful feature is the ability of Vuforia, to recognize previously registered object shapes within the video feed. This allows for a variety of three dimensional marking situations and provides the developer with a useful tool for many handheld AR applications. The process for this is explained and the scene setup is elaborated in detail.

Animations and interacting with positioned prefabs

  • Simply placing something on a marker is usually not enough for a complex AR interaction scenario. Prefabs have to be designed to carry logic and animations to execute at a later stage of the experience. We will look at Mecanim animation scenarios in conjunction with Vuforia and the necessary script logic to be able to interact with the Augmented Reality application. This will create an interesting experience for the AR user and allow us as developers to implement complex scenarios.

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Target group

The target audience are developers intending to start on Augmented Reality development with Unity and Vuforia on mobile devices or desktop computers.


Students need an understanding of Unity basics and programming knowledge in C#. Prior experience in Augmented Reality development is a plus.

Organizational matters

Drinks, lunch, certificate of attendance and training materials are included in the price.

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Participant's comments

Good trainer, good answers, interactive and adaptive. He showed good knowledge on the materials. Thank you!!

Ron C. – Gigaset AG

A very interesting and detailed class, in a pleasant environment with a professional teacher. Thanks!

Carlijn B. – MCNEAL KG

Highly qualified trainer who was able to project his fascination for the topic well on the participants. Best seminar I have attended for a long time.

Daniel D. – BMW AG

The course of the training was optimally adapted to the wishes and needs of the participants. The individual questions were also answered competently and in detail by the trainer.

Thomas L. – ZDF Television

A professionally experienced trainer who confidently communicates the topics authentically without boredom or fatigue.

Hans B. – Unicredit

Everything's perfect, thank you! I will book again with INCAS myself and recommend it to all interested parties!

Arndt M. – SBB Cargo Germany GmbH

The trainer was not only convincing because of his professional competence, but also because of his inexhaustible wealth of experience. This exceeded my expectations by far.

Flower R. – Kyocera Document Solution

Due to the individual training methodology, all our questions could be answered immediately and in full! Awesome!

Tobias H. – Canon Germany

Great training centre, dedicated INCAS staff and trainers. It was very entertaining ;-)

Mario S. – DB Systel GmbH

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Real-World Interaction via marker tracking with Vuforia for the Microsoft HoloLens

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