Vuforia 7 is coming! The Vuforia platform is the most widely used software platform for augmented reality applications on portable devices. It provides developers with a cross-platform solution for attaching digital content to physical objects and environments. For consumers and businesses, it provides a remote collaboration and communication solution. Vuforia provides critical device elements to device manufacturers that provide optimized experiences for rapidly evolving hardware technologies. Launched in 2011, Vuforia is backed by a global ecosystem of more than 375,000 developers and partners. Vuforia has enabled more than 45,000 applications for residential and business customers on a range of portable devices. The Vuforia Engine, the heart of the platform, uses the device's camera and sensors to act as a digital "eye" within the apps. It "sees" objects and surfaces on which content can be placed and enables developers to realize AR experiences with existing development tools. Vuforia is even better supported in Unity 2017.2. so that even better AR experiences can be generated with the Microsoft HoloLens. The correct training can be found here: Real-World interaction via Marker-Tracking with Vuforia for the Microsoft HoloLens