A post by Stephan Otten
CEO INCAS Training

We at INCAS Training are proud to have received the status of Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center in October 2021. Currently, there are only three training centers in the world that have been awarded this status.

Unreal Engine Academic Partner

For more than 15 years we have been focusing on 3D visualization and graphical real-time technologies (Unreal Engine, Unity, VRED, Ventuz, CryEngine) in the training business and have always partnered closely with the manufacturers and development teams. About six years ago, it crystallized for us that the Unreal Engine had the greatest potential and we increased our commitment and initially became an Unreal Engine Academic Partner in 2016.

Unreal Engine Authorised Training Center

When the new Unreal Engine Authorised Training Center program was set up by Epic Games in 2019, INCAS Training played an active role here and we led the way as the first Unreal Engine Authorised Training Center (UATC) worldwide. Over the last two years, we have consistently expanded our training portfolio, qualified our team of trainers and internationalized our training clients (participants from 40 countries). This has now led to us being recognized by Epic Games with the status of Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center.

Unreal Engine Authorised Trainer

The first requirement is to offer Unreal Engine training courses that are on the same professional level as those offered by the manufacturer itself. To achieve this, INCAS Training employs a number of highly motivated Unreal Engine Authorized Trainers who have successfully passed the trainer examination at Epic Games and completed various teaching tests. Continuous further qualification is part of the success. This fall, for example, we also completed the well-known Unreal Engine Virtual Production Fellowship.

Our dedicated team of trainers brings project experience from the various industries addressed by Epic Games: Games, Architecture, Film and Animation, Automotive, and Engineering. Accordingly, our training offerings are either cross-industry or vertical.

Professional training materials

The extensive pool of training materials created by Epic Games over the years is available to our team of trainers as required and these are further developed as needed. We are in constant contact with the Epic Authorized Training Partners Team and the Training Program Managers to realize training projects in German-speaking countries and internationally. Through INCAS Training, global train-the-trainer courses for Unreal Engine trainer education are conducted every month. Incas Training is also a leader in the implementation of cloud-based live online training and shares its extensive knowledge with new Unreal Engine Training partners.

The journey continues

We are the first choice for professional Unreal Engine trainings for various industries in the German-speaking countries and increasingly internationally with English-language courses as Live Online Trainings. Our ambition is to continue on this path and to further expand our small share in the success story of the Unreal Engine.

Ready for Metaverse

The world is ready for the Metaverse and we are proud to be a part of it. For many years, Tim Sweeneys has been pushing his vision of the Metaverse forward with acquisitions and strategic moves. It sounds impossible at first, but unlike economic ecosystems like Facebook and the like as "walled gardens," the Metaverse is a quasi-infinite, digitized community space where users can freely move and share. If the Unreal Engine is the engine of the Metaverse, it is our drive to spread the knowledge of this foundation of a future Metaverse as far as possible. (Metaverse article Washington Post)