For the very first time at DIGILITY there will be a separate Developer Conference curated by none other than Stephan Otten, CEO of INCAS Training und Projects GmbH. The goal is to map the entire value chain from idea to development and to give developers the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. This goal may be accomplished at the second DIGILITY Hackathon on September 24/25 in Cologne, but it will definitely be reached at our new Developer Conference. Terms like "Industry 4.0" or "Digital transformation" are familiar to us all. We are in a process of change - we know this. Many of us are looking forward to these changes, want to actively influence them and be at the forefront. For some of us, however, these fast-moving times make us feel a bit uneasy and disoriented. We all know that we cannot simply ignore digitisation. We want to understand it, we want to know where it is going. We ask ourselves where we are at the moment and how we can benefit from these changes. That's why some people visit DIGILITY, because we want to recognise the trends. Because we use all these terms: AR, VR, MR, Robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, 360°, Motion Capture, 3D-Scan, 3D-Prints and more and we want to learn more about them and experience these ideas in real life. At the DIGILITY Developer Conference great minds such as Eric Ma from Novartis, Pascal Tonecker from Crytek, Michael Ludden from Banuba, Dirk Songuer from Microsoft, Graham Breen from HTC VIVE and many others will share their knowledge with developers and interested parties on a third stage. Check our whole conference program for the developer stage online here!