INCAS Training: Professionelle IT-Trainings seit über 21 Jahren|Fragen und Beratung: +49 (0)2151 366 250
INCAS Training: Professionelle IT-Trainings seit über 21 Jahren|Fragen und Beratung: +49 (0)2151 366 250
Cinema 4D Basics2022-04-20T06:48:20+00:00

Cinema 4D Basics Training

Basics, modelling, texture, lighting

You will learn everything you need for your first professional 3D models with Cinema 4D in three days in a small learning group with like-minded people on a Cinema 4D PC/Mac. Your trainer will discuss your individual strengths and answer all your questions – even about your own projects.


In this Cinema 4D training you will get a sound introduction to the user interface, the tools and above all the workflows that are relevant for a successful use of Cinema 4D. Let the proven ease of learning of Cinema 4D convince you. With CINEMA 4D, you’ll be able to professionally solve all your 3D tasks. Whether for film, TV, advertising, science, architecture, product design or any other field where professional results are important. With its unique modular system and proven ease of learning, CINEMA 4D is the ideal tool for beginners and professionals alike. This Cinema 4D training course will fascinate you with its many possibilities. In addition, this training in Krefeld gives you the opportunity to learn how to effectively use Wacom pen tablets in Cinema 4D.

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Course Content

  • Introduction to Cinema 4D Training
  • Basics
    • Perspectives
    • Program settings / View settings
    • Coordinate systems in the 3D world
    • Simple basic objects
    • Object Manager
    • Attributemanager
    • Contentmanager
    • Layers and views
    • Tags
    • Material editor
    • Basics Advanced Renderer
    • image manager
    • Creation of the most important keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts
  • Introduction into the production workflow
    • Import/Export
    • Modelling
    • Materials
    • scene structure
    • Lighting
    • Rendering
  • Tools
    • When is the use of which tool useful
    • advantages and disadvantages of certain work steps
    • Combination of objects and deformers
    • Polygons, edges and points
    • The modeling modes
    • Selections
  • Professional Modelling in Cinema 4D
    • Basics of professional modeling
    • An object becomes a model
    • The Polygon Tools
    • weights
    • Cut correctly Paste / plane / lines with various tools
    • Nurbs Modelling
    • Splines
    • Instances
    • The symmetry object
    • The Boole object
    • The zero object
    • Mesh Deformer
  • texturing, texture creation, texture search, shader
    • With textures we give our models the right outfit
    • We create textures in Photoshop and Bodypaint and work with real textures
    • Material channels / Relief / Normal etc.
    • Channel Shader
    • Volume shader
    • Projections
  • lighting of scenes in Cinema 4D
    • In addition to professional texturing, knowledge about the correct use of lighting is one of the most underestimated topics in the area of 3D
    • Basics Lighting
    • Standard illumination
    • The Lighting Tool
    • Global Illumination
    • Light and Shadow
  • Introduction to Animation
    • How to create animations
    • keyframe animation
    • The right timing
    • Video formats
  • Camera and rendering
    • The perspective matters
    • The camera object
    • Physical camera settings
    • Depth Blur
    • Use Multi-Passes correctly
    • GPU Prorender of AMD (advantages and disadvantages)
    • Pysical material for ProRender
    • Pysical Light for ProRender
  • Render preferences and options
    • Post effects
    • The image manager
  • Summary of the training

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Target group

Designers, architects, graphic designers and engineers who want to create professional product design, photo-realistic character animations and scientific simulations with Cinema 4D.


General handling of Windows/Mac

Organizational matters

Drinks, lunch, certificate of attendance and training materials are included in the price.

Course Dates

Date Location Price  
02. 05. - 04. 05. 2022 980,00 €1.136,80 € incl. VAT
02. 05. - 04. 05. 2022 980,00 €1.136,80 € incl. VAT
04. 07. - 06. 07. 2022 980,00 €1.136,80 € incl. VAT
04. 07. - 06. 07. 2022 980,00 €1.136,80 € incl. VAT
05. 09. - 07. 09. 2022 980,00 €1.136,80 € incl. VAT
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Participant's comments

Good trainer, good answers, interactive and adaptive. He showed good knowledge on the materials. Thank you!!

Ron C. – Gigaset AG

A very interesting and detailed class, in a pleasant environment with a professional teacher. Thanks!

Carlijn B. – MCNEAL KG

Highly qualified trainer who was able to project his fascination for the topic well on the participants. Best seminar I have attended for a long time.

Daniel D. – BMW AG

The course of the training was optimally adapted to the wishes and needs of the participants. The individual questions were also answered competently and in detail by the trainer.

Thomas L. – ZDF Television

A professionally experienced trainer who confidently communicates the topics authentically without boredom or fatigue.

Hans B. – Unicredit

Everything's perfect, thank you! I will book again with INCAS mysel